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Rainbows... A "Virtual Photo Walk" with Stephanie

Rainbows... A "Virtual Photo Walk" with Stephanie

"Virtual Photo Walk”
Since we had a good rain last night I thought I would take you on a rainbow walk.
Everybody loves a rainbow!!! I love how giddy people get when they see a rainbow…somehow it takes you back to that childhood level of excitement and awe which is such a wonderful feeling .  Another example of something beautiful coming after a storm…I seem to be on a theme this week. LOL. I am feeling hopeful and optimistic…

Rainbows on Kauai are a bit more common but still will stop you in your tracks to admire the beauty!

A Rainbow at the Ventura Pier in California... a rare sight! 

As is the view of Kaualau Valley isn't beautiful enough, a rainbow arrives to absolutely take your breath away!

 What a treat to be surfing in the ocean with a double rainbow as your background in Santa Barbara. 

Looking for the gold at the end of the rainbow...just a short swim away ;-)

A passing storm in Ventura, California, left a full rainbow over the boats in the Ventura Harbor.

Mother Nature putting on a show.

Looking forward to days ahead when we can all be together again. For now…enjoy a little Rainbow time 🌈

#StayWell and #BeKind
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