Our Experts

Our experts offer the experience and skill to guide you to art buying success.

Tasha - Design Consultant

Tasha's background in professional photography, combined with an AA in Interior Design, from F.I.D.M. Los Angeles, gives her the perfect blend of art and design.

Tasha can help you see how all the elements of your existing design work with the artwork you are considering, and help you select artwork that brings all the subtle design elements together, in a way that feels cohesive and well planned. 

She can also help you take it to the next level, with suggestions on how to bring the art to life in your space with your future design decisions.

Tasha has been delighting our customers since 2014.

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Susan- Art Consultant

Susan is a seasoned professional with a decade of photography expertise and an AA in business management, and has been an essential asset to Latitudes since 2021.

She guides customers seeking custom and ready-made prints tailored to their needs with a commitment to precision and care.

Susan's calm demeanor and grounded presence put clients at ease, while her confident knowledge ensures they receive expert guidance throughout their art selection process.

Heather- Art Consultant

Heather's 15 year background in wedding consulting, catering, and venue management, has honed her attention to aesthetic detail, and her ability to stay calm under pressure.

The newest member of our team, Heather excels in effective communication, meeting each client's unique needs, allowing her to curate personalized and memorable art collections tailored to individual tastes.