How to Hang Your Artwork




How to Install Art with a Cleat


How to Install Art with a Wire


How to Install a 3 Piece Triptych


How High?

Generally you want to hang your artwork between 60"-66" from the floor, at the vertical center of your art so it is roughly eye-level.

Consider the average viewer height in this space. If it is at home, and your family is shorter, go closer to 60". If you are all taller, go closer to 66". If it will be a mix, or it is a commercial space, go with 63"-64".

If hanging above furniture, also consider the artwork's proximity to other objects and leave at least 8"-12" above sofas and tables.


Centered on the Wall or the Furniture?
Art works best when it helps define an area of the room, balancing out what is on the floor, and bringing that fullness up onto the wall with a focal point.



-In a great room or a room with multiple furniture groupings, center art on the largest furniture, to define that section of the room.

-If above a headboard, sideboard/console, or sofa, it is usually best to center on that furniture.

-If it is close to center, see if it makes sense to shift the furniture to center as well.


Can't center on the wall or furniture? Our designer explains how to cheat when the art doesn't work centered on the furniture or the wall in this video at times 4:05-6:23.


How to Care for Your Art

We recommend a dry microfiber cloth for gentle dusting. If your art is dirty or smudged, a water damp microfiber cloth will do the trick.

Got canvas ripples? Easy care tip here.