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Kauai, Drone Photography... A Real Game Changer!

Kauai, Drone Photography... A Real Game Changer!

There are enough scenic views on the Island of Kauai, to keep any resident or visiting photographer, challenged and active. When I make the decision, to capture a scene of this magnificence. My focus is on the best combination of tools and settings, to create and capture an image that pays respect, to the beauty before me.

Lots of questions,  best light (am or pm)?  Panoramic or square?  F Stop, sharp through out the scene or Isolated and dreamy?

Then comes the most critical question of all, COMPOSITION!!  

Camera laying on the ground or elevated, 18' off the ground, with my new BEAST ladder?

Until recently these had been my only height options in my composition puzzle.

Adding a drone to my bag, has been a REAL game changer!  I have owned drone' s since they were being offered to the general public (a few years back) I had resisted their use for my business. Due to the lack of a High Resolution camera option, needed fo Still Photography. 

Only recently has the combination of quality and affordability, come together, opening a portal to this new perspective

(once limited to Helicopters, Ultra Lights and Airplanes). 

 Finding myself now limitless in my composition choices.

I have reason to believe... Sky's the limit :)

Stay Safe !!

Steve Munch