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Photographing the Ocean in the Soft Pre-Dawn Light

Photographing the Ocean in the Soft Pre-Dawn Light

Capturing the soft hues of the pre-dawn light by the ocean in Kauai,  (during these times of stay at home orders, military road blocks and curfews) has proven a welcome escape from the confines of my home.

Shooting in this light has open my eyes, to the subtle changes in cloud cover and the radical effects these changes can have on color while photographing the same scene, at the same time each morning.

I have in the past, regularly shot a composition, envisioning how it can be improved in a different light, during different times of the day. I will now make sure to revisit over and over again, a composition I feel works, except for a lighting issue.

These 3 images, are from the same beach, 3 straight mornings in a row at exactly the same time...

Aloha, stay safe!