Ventura Street Art Display...Horses, Butterflies and Volcanos!

“Latitudes is all about the places you love.”

White Horses of France!

Travel to beautiful places with our street art display in downtown Ventura, CA. It is something you can't miss when you come downtown...with the life-sized artworks you are sure to see it from a block away. Stroll though and immerse yourself in the beauty of butterflies, island wonders of Hawaii and stunning white horses of France galloping towards you...We think it will take your breath away!

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Island Wonder!

Lush green waterfalls, fiery volcanic lava and magical rainbow trees invite you to feel the childlike wonder and awe of seeing something amazing!


The monarch butterflies showed up in record numbers this year compared to recent years and this photograph by Stephanie Hogue takes you to this magical place among the gathering.

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