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Steve Munch

A life long surfer, diver and former commercial fisherman, Steve Munch has spent his life in, on or near the ocean.

He was inspired to take photos in 2004 because of the imagery in his favorite surf magazines.  Despite no formal training, Steve was determined to photograph ocean life as he saw it, and devoured the technical details of the images he loved, until he nailed the look for himself.

It is this unwaivering vision that allowed Steve to develop a style that is unique and captivating.

Stephanie Hogue

Stephanie received a Bachelors degree from the highly regarded Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara.

Decades of work for high profile and meticulous portrait clients refined her skill behind the lens.

She met her husband, Jim, who owned and operated a local professional photography lab, and her work here behind the scenes, gave her extensive technical knowledge of the printing world.

It is this unique combination of hands on work in both realms of photography, that shapes Stephanie's artistic eye.