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Spring Flower "Virtual Photo Walk" with Stephanie

Spring Flower "Virtual Photo Walk" with Stephanie

Today, I want to take you on a virtual "Spring Flower Photo Walk".....
I love how the spring season, bursting with so much life and color comes after the dark and cold winter so gray and stark. It always reminds me that the best times usually come after the hardest. As I get older, I like to think that hopefully I am getting wiser.... I do my best to remember to embrace the ups and downs of life. Knowing that each phase is temporary, this time we are going through now, has its silver linings and hopefully as we come out of it, we will feel and enjoy the goodness even deeper on the other side. The blossoms of spring always stop me in my tracks…each year I am in awe of their extraordinary beauty. Being so temporary, they make me slow down, look closer and appreciate them so much more.

I hope you enjoy these gifts of nature I have collected over the the past few spring seasons. #StayWell and #BeKind
("Virtual Photo Walks" are being shared by photographer, Stephanie Hogue, while most of our world has been ordered to stay home during the unprecedented worldwide pandemic of Covid-19)