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A "Top Ten Wettest Places on Earth"- Mount Wai’ale’ale, Kauai, HI

A "Top Ten Wettest Places on Earth"- Mount Wai’ale’ale, Kauai, HI

Mount Wai’ale’ale, is one of my favorite Images of Kauai. The Weeping Wall (or back wall) of the crater is usually only accessed by helicopter. 
During my daily visit to Kauai Juice Co my friend Noah, told me of his guiding experience through the maze of trails leading into the Heart of the Island, Mt Waiale’ale.
 I asked him, if he would guide me to the weeping wall, a place I had only photographed from a helicopter.
A few days later, I found myself loading  gear into his truck, it was a short ride, on a 4x4 trail that challenged, not only the soundness of his truck, but every bit of his off road driving skills.  
We hit the trailhead at first light. The trail was small and narrow, a perfect fit for small animals that call the mountain, home. not exactly created for a 6’1” man with a 50lb pack on his back. Pig trails headed in all directions, these would have been Impossible to navigate without an experienced guide like Noah.
After five or so hours of hiking and only catching glimpses of the crater. I find myself standing inside the cauldron, a place molten lava once flowed. 
The rim, high above. The weeping wall of "Mount Wai'ale'ale" at my back, looking east, through crater opening, I was overcome by appreciation, for all that "Mount Wai'ale'ale" has and continues to create on the Island of Kauai.