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Featured on TV - "Foamy Flute"

Featured on TV - "Foamy Flute"


"Foamy Flute" is famous! Our favorite photograph of the foamy ocean wave billowing up on the sand by Steve Munch has gone "Hollywood"! It is getting recognized everyday by our Latitudes Friends, and personally, we think it is stealing the show😂

We also have several other pieces of our art on the walls of that set so keep an eye out. Our sepia pier photograph called "Tranquility" often gets some airtime. Soon... like us, you will be watching the backgrounds of your favorite TV shows to see what art they have on the walls. 

Latitudes is honored and excited to be a part of "All American".

We have also been bringing some beauty to the sets of "Ballers" and "Transparent".

Ballers chose many of our quintessential California photographs of beaches and waves to enhance some of there sets- mostly the offices. 


A few years ago we also enjoyed it when one of our clients had their home featured on House Hunters Renovation.