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The Artists

Steve Munch

A life long surfer, diver and former commercial fisherman, Steve Munch has spent his life in, on or near the ocean. Currently living on the island of Kauai, Steve starts his day either with a surf session or photo session depending on the light. With no formal training to influence him, Steve has developed a style that is unique and captivating. 

Steve’s coastal series collection is currently being displayed in the Latitudes Gallery’s two locations, on the island of Kauai and the coastal community of Ventura, California, as well as private collections throughout the world.


“My hope is that we can return to respecting our oceans. I love that my images help to bring awareness and appreciation of the beauty they possess and the need to protect them.”

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Stephanie Hogue

A Texas native, Stephanie moved to southern California in 1987 to attend the University of Sand Diego. While pursuing her passion for photography, she received a Bachelors degree from the highly regarded Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara.  

Settling down in Ventura, California, Stephanie began a very successful wedding and portrait business, earning the respect and admiration of the Hollywood elite for her unique style. Her work has been published in multiple publications including Time magazine, People, InStyle and Modern Bride and many others.

Stephanie soon found herself traveling the country working as a political photographer with an impressive client list including presidential hopeful John McCain during his run for presidency and the senatorial campaigns of Carly Fiorina, Elizabeth Dole and Jim Inhofe. 

In recent years, Stephanie has found her way back to the roots of her photographic passion, pursuing her dreams and founding Latitudes Fine Art Gallery in Ventura, California, in 2012. Latitudes  showcases her own images from years of travel to remote locations, and also features the work of her longtime friend and renowned marine and wildlife photographer Steve Munch. After rave reviews and success in California, she opened a second Latitudes Fine Art Gallery on the island of Kauai, in the beautiful Poipu Beach area.

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