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Using Artwork to Create Mood

Using Artwork to Create Mood

Robert was excited to see what I would pair with his space, so you get TWO ideas, Robert! 😄

I figured it would be a great way to close out our Giveaway by showing how different the same space can look with different artwork.

I often talk about how artwork has so much presence in a space that it has the power to transform your entire experience.

Create bold, vibrant energy at home with "Blue Steel".

Take the first example, "Bold". Notice how the power and vibrancy of the image makes you feel? To me, it evokes a feeling of excitement. I would use this selection for someone who wants a place to inspire action and set their path for the day.

Create a calm, relaxing beach vibe with "Shorebirds".

But what if you want a living room that is your oasis, and a place that makes you feel calm and relaxed? Take example 2, "Calm". Notice how nothing else has changed and yet, you feel totally different immersed in this space?

Artwork holds incredible power. It is up to you to harness it for your own desired outcome.

Thank you so much for your entry, Robert. Your space is divine and I hope I hit the mark for you with one of the images!