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Hawaiian Oasis: How to transform your space with art and simple accessories.

Hawaiian Oasis: How to transform your space with art and simple accessories.

One of the easiest ways to transform your space is with wall art. It sets the tone for the entire space, and is so simple to do with just a bit of guidance.

If you haven't checked out our step by step guides, get them here.
Basic room transformed with artwork and simple accessories
The basics of using wall art to transform a room:
    1. Select a focal wall.
    2. Size for balance.
    3. Select images that complement your existing color palette.
    4. Select coordinating art pieces that continue the theme in other ways (without fighting for attention).
    5. Pull the dominant colors into the space with textiles and basic decor items like pillows, blankets and accessories


    Escape to hawaii
    Maybe it's the way palm trees blow in the breeze and the warm sand feels between our toes, but the islands have an undeniable power over us.  It's like forced oxygen.  You can't help but forget your cares and close your eyes and drift away for a moment.
    Wouldn't it be great to drift away right now, wherever you are? Artwork can take you places without going anywhere. So let's escape. Find yourself a sunny spot, pour a sweet Hawaiian Cocktail or homemade POG,  put on an island playlist and create your own island paradise at home.
    Transform a basic room with artwork as your inspiration and Hawaiian interior styling.
    Curated artwork collection of Hawaii, Kauai photography art
     Tunnels Beach sunrise Kauai, photographic artwork, try on room nowTropical palms, palm trees, Hawaii photography art, try in room nowNa Pali Coast from east to west, full Kauai island view, photography art, try on room now.
    Finishing touches for a Hawaiian theme room
    Now take the look to the next level and bring the artwork and island into the room in subtle ways that evoke the feel of Hawaii without looking cliche or overdone. 
    The key? Texture and color.
    Decor Elements Checklist:
    1. A few pillows and throw blankets.
      Goal: Pull the artwork color through the room to create balance and mimic the textural elements of the artwork.
    2. A couple classic textures and shapes.
      Think: Faux white coral, subtle pineapple accents, ruching on pillows, jute and sisal rugs or baskets to create earthy texture.
    3. Tropical botanicals and fragrance.
      Think: Palms and cut palm leaves of every shape and size, bromeliads, hibiscus or birds of paradise to bring the outdoors in. Fragrance is deeply tied to memory and emotion... an instant passport.

    Shopping made simple

    All the accessories shown in the completed room are found here in one simple Ideabook.  All the hard work is already done for you! Great, right? 😉
    "Hawaiian Oasis" Ideabook, easy curated shopping collection to enhance Latitudes Gallery artwork.
    The fun doesn't have to end, replay for a whole new look!
    Not done playing?