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Before and after photos inspire room updates.

Inspiring "After" Photos

Have you ever noticed how good you feel when you see a before-and-after comparison? Something amazing happens inside us, we open up to the possibility of something better.  Not just for whoever that room belongs to, but for us too.  We start thinking, "if they could do that, so can I." We start believing in ourselves.


Right now, the world is in quarantine and we are noticing our surroundings in a way we haven't before. We can't escape them anymore.  We can't run to Starbucks or the office.  This is our Starbucks and our office.  And never before have we realized quite how much our surroundings impact us and our daily lives. 


We stare at our walls wanting to escape them, but what if they were the escape? What if when you looked up from your laptop at your kitchen table, you looked across the room and saw a photograph on the wall of your favorite destination? How would you feel if you could get lost without going anywhere at all?


Now more than ever we have the chance to improve our daily lives, by simply noticing what is missing and what is no longer serving us. 

And in case you've forgotten, yes.  You CAN do it.  Let us know if you need a little help along the way.