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Craving a Different View?

Craving a Different View?

How to get away without leaving your house. Try on a new look for your room, now.

Right about now I could use a walk on the beach. Or really, anywhere besides my 4 block radius. Quarantine can make it feel like the walls that once were our shelter are now our prison. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

 I firmly believe that our surroundings should nourish our bodies and souls. And for many of us, we’ve spent so little time awake at home, its a harsh reality that our homes are not supporting us through this quarantine as well as we might like.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to transform a room is with artwork, if you do it right.

As a design consultant at Latitudes Gallery, I get to see what a lot of people do with their walls. Usually its one of three problems:

Top 3 art selection mistakes

    • They ignored the walls completely until the blank walls were too much to take.
    • Art is hung way too high.
    • Art is too small and doesn't balance out visual weight of the furnishings.

The main reason all this happens?  It is so hard to visualize! We often look only at the tiny patch of wall and not how it relates to the rest of the space. We don’t know where to put it so we hang the nail as high as we can reach and say “Eh. Good enough,” but it never quite does the job, and the lack of something good to look at is suffocating when you can’t escape it.

Not to worry! It's easy to get it right. Here's how:

Getting art selection right!

We have been working hard for a few months making our website even more intuitive, creating guides you can download on proper sizing, hanging and style, and more.

But the cherry on top 🍒 is the amazing new Live Preview tool. You can pick a photo and see it on your wall- instantly, right from your phone or desktop. You can resize, change walls, change photos and try on a bunch of new looks- Right. Now.



What is great about the Preview Tool is you can see exactly how much your room can be transformed with art.

I love tying in the existing elements in the room by matching the colors and shapes (think: patterns, curves, and lines) and then really bringing the art into the space with some final accessories. 

Note how the existing room colors and pillow pleating have been mimicked in the artwork for this bedroom.

Note how the existing room colors and pillow pleating have been mimicked in the artwork for the bedroom above. It makes the artwork a 3-dimensional experience. It takes the art from the wall, into the room.

Ready to play?

To help you see how easy it is to transform your space with artwork, I have put together some look books for you. I even pulled a few decor ideas to get you started on bringing the art into your space.

Go ahead, click on a room and try it out yourself!

"Hawaiian Oasis" transform your space with artwork as the inspiration and a few simple accessories.

Transform a basic room with artwork as your inspiration and black and white interior styling.

"Breathe" Transform your space from bland to full of breath with artwork as your inspiration and a few simple accessories.