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How to Select Artwork for Side by Side Spaces

How to Select Artwork for Side by Side Spaces

We've had some great entries in our Makeover May Giveaway, but Susan, you take the prize for the most unique space entered... a BOAT. Love it!

And... I can see why you might have gotten stumped here! In such tight quarters you don't have much wall space to work with. Plus there are the added challenges that they are side by side, and your "room" moves! Let's break down your options and get you set to sail. ⛵️

1. Side by Side
I would approach these walls the same way I would work with a pair of niches.

Option 1: Find a fantastic pairing that plays beautifully with each like in example 1. Similar colors and subject but not redundant.

Option 2: Take a panoramic image and split it in two, placing one half on either wall. This works really well in niches, because it ends up looking more like windows out to a lovely scenic view.

2. Susan's Moving Castle
Your room moves! Exciting, and it requires care when selecting material. I would suggest a Modern wood with keyholes that you can slide on and lock in place, flush on the wall. No rust, no movement.

Thanks so much for your entry, Susan.